Kink/tantra/sexuality experiences & coaching provider – Sydney

Have you ever wanted to experience sexual & sensual domination (bdsm/kink) of the mind, body, and soul?

Do you crave to shut your mind off, let go of having to make decisions, get into your body and feel?

Have you ever wanted to explore your kinky sexual fantasies in a safe environment?

Do you want to feel the rush and excitement of doing something sexually exciting with a BDSM Dominant in Sydney?

Are you new to all this or experienced?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.. then you’re in the right place… 

Picture yourself going into a shared internal place where your pleasure is the focus.. and you act on your urges more directly, allowing real experiences and emotions to emerge…

Amanda, 21

Sir Dominic made my first true BDSM experience one that I will never forget. I went in absolutely terrified, to the point that I was physically shaking, but Sir managed to easily calm my nerves and reassure me that I was going to have a wonderful experience. He has such a powerful presence that even when he’s smiling and laughing, you still know that he has complete control. As soon as Sir put his hands on me, I melted into him. I went from being terribly apprehensive to being ready to be completely obedient within a fraction of a second.  Sir helped me push through levels of sensation and pleasure that I never thought I could withstand – leaving some gorgeous markings that I’ll never forget the look of. Sir is amazing at what he does. Never in my life did I ever think I could feel so vulnerable, yet safe as I did with him. Sir knew what I needed better than I did. Sir is a brilliant dominant and genuinely kind person. He gave me the perfect first experience and has given me the courage to become more involved in the community. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, as they’d be in incredibly capable hands with Sir Dominic.

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of BDSM/Domination from an experienced practitioner?

Picture yourself with the confidence and skill that you need to satisfy your partner with authentic dominance – exploring greater depths of intimacy and bringing you closer together...

Professional & Safe BDSM in Sydney for all genders, sexualities and sexual orientations.

Are you new to all of this and would it be your first time? Are you an experienced player? Wonderful. You’re in good hands… Sir has over 15 years of BDSM and conscious sexuality experience in his personal life and many years as a professional. Sir is based in Sydney, Australia, and is available to travel to you for sessions and coaching

All BDSM sessions are conducted in a very clean, private, discrete, and legal space in the inner-city of Sydney next to Hyde Park.

Sir is also available for BDSM and/or coaching in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, or any other place upon negotiation.

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