Sir Dominic is well versed in a wide range of fetishes, role-play, and BDSM activities as listed. If you have a particular fetish, role-play or fantasy (outside this list), contact Sir and let him know what’s in that devious mind of yours…

If you are a first-timer to an experience like this, click here to read Sir’s in-depth first-timers guide.

Amanda, 21

Sir Dominic made my first true BDSM experience one that I will never forget. I went in absolutely terrified, to the point that I was physically shaking, but Sir managed to easily calm my nerves and reassure me that I was going to have a wonderful experience. He has such a powerful presence that even when he’s smiling and laughing, you still know that he has complete control. As soon as Sir put his hands on me, I melted into him. I went from being terribly apprehensive to being ready to be completely obedient within a fraction of a second.  Sir helped me push through levels of sensation and pleasure that I never thought I could withstand – leaving some gorgeous markings that I’ll never forget the look of. Sir is amazing at what he does. Never in my life did I ever think I could feel so vulnerable, yet safe as I did with him. Sir knew what I needed better than I did. Sir is a brilliant dominant and genuinely kind person. He gave me the perfect first experience and has given me the courage to become more involved in the community. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, as they’d be in incredibly capable hands with Sir Dominic.

Sir Dominic works via appointment only.  Sir offers a range of BDSM Dominant services and sessions including (but not limited to) the following for all genders and sexual orientations: (see below this list for couples and coaching/training):

BDSM Sydney – One-on-One Domination Session Services includes but not limited to:

  • Sensual based play – from light (or e.g. feathers), hot/cold and all the way up to heavier/intense sensations
  • Sensory Play – playing with all the senses
  • Sexual Contact on you for eg: fingering, inducing squirting, vibrators (Hitachi, G-Spot vibrators etc)
  • Various forms of Impact Play – sensual flogging with light floggers, paddling, barehanded and OTK (over-the-knee) spanking etc
  • Dominant/submissive dynamics (training, play dynamics etc)
  • Bondage (rope, restraints, etc)
  • Anal Play (stretching, training, special vibrators and butt plugs etc)
  • Insertables (dildos, butt plugs etc)
  • Nipple Play
  • E-Stim (electro play)
  • Role Play and exploring your fantasies
  • Fucking Machine & Sybian experiences (Sydney only)
  • Consensual forced orgasm/Orgasm denial and a whole lot more…  (Sir’s trademark experience is the combination of bondage, eroticised pain, and pleasure that leaves your mind and body in a state of bliss). Rest assured.. we find our ‘level’ together – from intensity to types of play.
  • and much more!

Detailed pre-scene negotiation, limits respected while being explored and ‘safe words’ are a must… Discretion is guaranteed.

N.B: You will be required to shower on site prior to the session commencing and you are also able to shower after your time with Sir is over. All towels, dressing gowns, and linen are washed to the highest standards.

To ensure your safety, regardless of the safewords that Sir and you agree upon if you say ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ or anything Sir perceives as that you want Sir to stop (verbal or otherwise), Sir will immediately stop the session and check-in with you. Sir will regularly check in with you, especially when transitioning to a new activity, to ensure you are ok and ready to move forward with the next activity. Sir reserves the right to stop the session and/or discontinue the session at any time.

To ensure your safety, Sir DOES NOT perform any type of breath-play (choking etc). 


Other Experiences:

Online/Skype/Phone Domination:
Have Sir intuitively dominate you and create an experience for you from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

Date With A Dom:
Sir Dominic will accompany you to a daytime or evening function, dinner or event, etc. This type of experience is predominantly social. The types of engagements may be theatre/concert, dinner, the movies, or a variety of entertaining and exciting activities. What the world see’s is one thing, but you may want to wear a collar, remote-controlled vibrator, or anything else that you and Sir agree on.

Meet & Greet:
Sir Dominic will spend time with you exploring your fantasies, questions and helping you understand BDSM and yourself better. Some women feel a bit shy about wanting to have an actual BDSM session experience and may want to get to know Sir better before committing to that – this may be the perfect way to take the first step into exploring BDSM. BDSM experiences ALWAYS start with communication and Sir is a people person. Sir enjoys getting to know the intricacies of someone’s personality as it allows Sir and you to craft the best experience if you do proceed in having a session. This may be conducted in person or over the phone.

BDSM Dominant service for Couples:

Couple’s Cuckold and/or Voyeurism:
Surrender for a display of his intuitive dominance over your cherished partner or have Sir watch you are your partner play. Create an experience for you and your partner to expand your scope and memories to look back with fondness.

Couples Coaching + Play experience:
This is perfect if you’re wanting to navigate this lifestyle and are new to it all. Explore how to add this dynamic and experience to your sex life. Learn what is ‘best practice’ and discover new things you may like and are curious about as you also play them out under Sir’s guidance. Click here for more details or contact Sir to discuss.

Other sessions:

Cuddling/Platonic Touch:
A lot of people don’t receive the amount of human touch and interaction they need or want on a regular basis. Sir Dominic is an expert in platonic touch and offers this unique service. There are a number of ways that cuddling is beneficial – Click here for a scientific breakdown of the benefits.

BDSM Coaching/Mentoring (Skype or in person) and Workshops:

Sir offers a unique coaching and mentoring service for people who are interested in BDSM and associated skills (to a professional level or to incorporate in your private life), as well as life coaching and rapid change. Click here for more detail.

Rates are based on time and the content/activities negotiated for the session. All sessions require a deposit to secure the booking via bank deposit or credit/debit card. Credit/debit cards will be discretely billed. Details for making a deposit will be supplied to you via email.

Sir exclusively sessions for Temple 22 – Australia’s leading professional house of domination. Temple 22 is a clean, discrete and private space near Hyde Park, Sydney. You’ll experience a sophisticated style with BDSM and theatre giving you the most erotically satisfying and profound experience available anywhere. The facilities have been created to entertain your every occasion and desire. There is an assortment of fantasy rooms and Dungeons, each with its own specialised equipment including a fully accessible playroom complete with its own bathroom. A car space is available for those with a disability.

Details of the location will be provided to you once the deposit is secured. 

Public Speaking:

Sir is an experienced public speaker/presenter in the areas of Kink/BDSM/shadow exploration, sacred sexuality/tantra (and especially the combination of BDSM and tantra/conscious connection) for any size group. Sir also enjoys Q & A sessions combined with presenting key ideas.

Rates: POA

Make contact to discuss what you want to explore and arrange a session.

Natalie, 40

"Sir Dominic is faultless. He has an uncanny ability to read and challenge me - physically and psychologically - that takes me into unexpected territory of both pleasure and pain. He is genuine, perceptive and in the right moments, sensual." - Natalie