When is the right time to explore kink?

The time is now. Why?

A lot of people are waiting to live the life they want until if and when something happens. If I had a better job, when I have more money, if I was thinner, when I get a little bit more experience, then I am going to do it. What that “it” is could be anything, but there are always if’s and when’s stopping us from doing things. I’ve been guilty of that big time myself.

And yes, there are some things you just can’t do because of their personal situation – which I understand. But there are a lot of things people just put off even trying because they always feel they need that magical if and when to happen and of course it becomes a cycle of perpetual procrastination.

The truth is, we set more limits on ourselves than anyone else sets upon us. Sometimes you don’t need that “if”, because what you already are is good enough to try and that “when”, may never come, so instead of waiting on it, just go out and circumvent it and find a way to pursue your dreams and goals with the time you already have.

Because there are an infinite number of if’s and when’s that you can come up with to stop you, but if you really want something, then you’ll realize what already is, is better than any imaginary “if” and the only “when” that matters, is when you stop being afraid of the unknown and fear itself. There is no downside in letting go of fear.

Because our time is limited and there’s never a better time to start trying to live a life you want then right now. What you decide to pursue doesn’t have to be life changing or trying to change the world, it just has to be something you really want for yourself and you’re not going to give up on it just because you feel there’s an “if” and “when” in the way.

Feel into the person who you would be if you took the step to explore and/or learn kink – an aspect of themselves that your soul has been yearning to experience. Feel into a more embodied, conscious and aligned self. Feel into a person that stared directly into the eyes of fear and said ‘You will run my life no more’. Feel into the authentic you.

Because you’re going to put yourself ahead of any excuse, because you and I both know, you’re totally worth that effort!