Tears and release

We had played for quite some time and different sensations and situations were stirring up her emotions and bringing them to the surface. I could feel it was coming.

I could feel she was holding them back. I craved them and told her accordingly. Her tears came heavy and felt like they were going to flood the room. She was shaking a little and holding onto me as if he was her life boat and her safe passage home. But we were not in the middle of a storm, just two people sharing a sensual and erotic power-exchange experience in the red dungeon. The reason she was crying wasn’t that she was sad, upset or depressed. She was simply crying because she needed to, because sometimes life and our emotions can overwhelm us and the only thing there is to do, is to have a good cry.

She was crying because she felt safe to do so in my presence and she felt supported while she cried into my chest. Sometimes you need to cry while feeling protected, nurtured and given the permission to do so.

BDSM can act as a catalyst for a deep release of the pent emotions that build up over time and with that comes the calm after the storm. For the time afterwards, Im showed her true self, devoid of the clutter and built up angst – there is nothing more honest and intimate.