Thank you for enquiring about arranging a session and/or service with Sir Dominic. Sir or one of his staff will look to reply to you within a timely manner.

The rules for arranging a session: 

  1. You will not engage in endless banter.
  2. Sir is only available by appointment only and reasonable notice is preferred for the booking. Bookings with a couple of hours notice may be able to be accommodated depending on Sir’s schedule.
  3. A deposit is required to secure your appointment (the ‘how’ etc will be discussed with you in more detail over the phone or email).
  4. Respect goes a long way.

N.B – For weeknight bookings, Sir prefers sessions around 7.30/8 pm. If it is impossible for you to have the session earlier or later than 8 pm, then that is also fine.

An example email for a 1 on 1 session:

“Hello. My name is Sally. I’m brand new to this and very nervous but decided I need to finally take the plunge. I looked at your website/profile and Id like to inquire about booking a session.
I like the idea of a Dominant man controlling me. Pain is something I want to try but I am new to it so I ask we take things very slow. A few things that interest me also are bondage and more sensual play. I am intrigued by wax play but have never before tried it so perhaps that is something we can also try? I had a boyfriend tie me up once and control me during sex but that was the only past experience I ever had and I always wanted something more. I don’t want to experience any anal play and Im not interested in bleeding (this is what’s called ‘hard limits’). I’ve never seen an actual professional dominant (Informative, but short and to the point. Seems like she has been trying to figure out his interests and knows a bit of what she’s into). I have knee problems so I can’t kneel on a hard surface or for a long period of time. (Things Sir should know in advance, glad she mentioned this right away so Sir knows to not put pressure on her knees).
I am available Friday and Saturday evenings after 6 pm. Does this suit? If not, what days/times are you available in the next week?
Thanks in advance.
Sally 555-555-5555 (please call only before 5 pm, and don’t text or leave voicemails)” OR “Please email me back – my email is (insert email address).”
(Implies she is wanting to move onto the next steps, such as chatting with her and booking an appointment).

Sir looks forward to hearing from you and co-creating a special and memorable experience for you… 

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