Laura, 38

“Are you nervous?” he asks, smiling. “Yes..very” I answer. He offers me water and we speak until He feels Im ready. We start. Sir lifts my dress up, puts His hand straight down my pants and holds me up while I collapse into His arms because with what His fingers are doing inside me, I can’t hold myself up. Wow. Hello. “Is this what you came here for?” I can’t talk, I just nod. I spend the next half an hour pleasuring Him as He has instructed me to do. When He had enough of my service He went for his toy bag. The first toy is a giant vibrating wand that He places on my clitoris and its so intense, I’m scared what will happen if I let go. He feels and knows it. He tells me to let go, let it out…So I do, and holy hell, I come about 5 times in a row and my body squirms and convulses uncontrollable and the moaning is something from the 5th Element opera. Jeez, who am I?! I’m alive, that’s who I am. Sir then takes me to the spanking bench. He had instructed me to put on my thigh high boots for our time together so when He would bend over He would be pleased. ‘Hands on the bench, arch your back and spread your legs. I want to see how your boots make your arse look’. Things are about to get real. He produces a rubber flogger. This thing has rubber lashes the length of His arm and it hurts just looking at it. He lines up my arse and down comes the wrath. It stings but I can handle it….I catch a glimpse of his face as He raises the flogger and watch his body as He brings it down. He’s over 6 foot tall and using all His strength to flog me with this thing. My body begins to buckle, I’m breathing so deeply to try and navigate my way through the pain. I want to stop but I want to know what I’m made of more so I don’t call the safe word. I know He would respect the safe word if I was to call it out. I want to know what I can handle, and at what point I break. Do I need to? No. I want to. He senses that I’m almost at my limit and runs his nails gently along my cheeks. This is the point that I almost break. I want to cry at the gentleness. Its like when you stay strong for the fight but when it comes to the make up, you break down, let the vulnerability in and start to rebuild from there. I start to cry and the tears don’t stop. It’s what I needed and I didn’t know I wanted it. His tenderness at the exact moment I needed it was nothing less than amazing – A pristine moment in time I will never forget. I can’t wait to be back in Sydney again to experience Sir again.