Kimberly, 35

I float

My breathing slows. I feel completely at peace. I feel like I have fallen into myself and the world around me is nothing but a humming stillness.

I took the hand of a man I had only just met, and found he knew me better than I knew myself. I was nervous. I hesitated. I was afraid to trust. I was tenderly supported. I gave my all. I was propelled into a bliss that can only be dreamt of.

And now I float.

My eyes are closed. The air is still. I find myself dreamy, but on my feet. I feel a curved pectoral muscle, sturdy beneath my flushed cheek. The chest vibrates deeply. The sounds are saying it is okay to stay in my bliss. I drape around the strength of his torso. My hands seek the arch of his lower back and I hold on. I am still. I want to stay here forever. I am in the arms of a man who has given to me something I have never felt before.

It’s his gift. You don’t know what you need but his talent is that he knows what you need. He moves against you and with you to arrive at a physical, mental, emotional destination rarely obtainable

Wanting Sir feels like you want to kiss the sun so badly you would break all the rules to be able to. It feels like you don’t care if the earth disappears beneath your feet and your lips turn blister red. In fact you want that.

And to be had, it feels like every ache evaporates and every emptiness loses its shadows. It feels like my body is matched with a force that can move it in ways it has never understood.