Martin and sub k, 48 and 39 (Dungeon furniture and floggers)

Thank you, Dominic, for helping me craft my new dungeon space and for the equipment to flesh it out. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the way you communicated your opinion while taking mine into consideration. Your experience with toys and equipment was invaluable in helping me make the best use of the space. This space feels like my own private sanctuary that I feel like I want to spend time in it even when I’m not playing. The attention to detail with the woodwork and the way it accentuates the leather adds the touch of sophistication I was aiming for. My sub and I have never been happier and we’ve already used the spanking bench and your floggers – I’m glad I went with your suggestion to get the ‘Essentials Set’. They work perfectly and feel like a natural extension of my arm, as you said they would! We can’t thank you enough.