Nadia, 37

From the moment Sir Dominic introduces himself he relaxes your nerves and makes you feel like your the only one on the planet but you have known him for years. Your needs are the forefront of his thoughts. Discretion and anonymity are a must for me which Sir reinforced when we met.
As you enter the dungeon and look around, those nerves come back but Sir is there waiting.  Looking at him, his cheeky smile relaxes you and then his touch makes those nerves disappear once again. You feel the trepidation melt away. The trust was instant,  safety and sanity are imperative.
My needs and wants out of the session were certainly explored. I felt myself let go as Sir explored my body and gave me the erotic pain I not only needed but deserved. Don’t get me wrong punishment is real, I did disobey Sirs direction. But it was an erotic mix of pleasure and pain, that made me want to disobey him again.
Left hanging from the ceiling unable to move my legs it wasn’t over as he moved me to the table. I won’t spoil the surprise  but I have never felt my body explode and  convulse like that before. And I hope to feel again.
After many years away from the scene, Sir Dominic brought me back to the inner me and my needs in a short time frame. The right choice was made. Thank you for restraining me and marking my ass like you owned it.