Sandy 32

I don’t remember how I came to find this gem of a human, but I am absolutely grateful. Welcomed without judgement, in person and in writing. Acceptance of ideas, with his added wild suggestions, you learn very quickly that you are in safe hands, but most importantly… FUN hands. Your experience with Sir Dominic will live on long after your meeting. You will leave content, and changed for the better, or wanting and coming back for more. I went back. The second experience comfortably similar to the first, yet perfectly unalike. I went in knowing what to expect but walked away, again, with all expectations shattered nicely. In his safe space, I have been fortunate enough to learn about my needs, new kinks, and interests. I have also discovered depths in myself that still make me giggle as I smile in shock and disbelief at what my body has endured. Simply one of the most intimate and personally groundbreaking experiences I have ever shared with myself. Sir Dominic is the gift worth giving yourself.