Trauma Therapy/Rapid Change – Jill, 37

My world was blocked by so much baggage from my horrible past. I had a partner that abused me for many years in every way – physically, mentally but also sexually to the point that I had severe fears of being truly open sexually with any new partner. I started following Sir Dominic on Instagram due to common interests and started to read his blog and chatted to him on a few occasions. I asked him some questions about what he did. He was very helpful and I went through with a therapy session with him and he changed my life in ways that surpassed my expectations – he cleared all the baggage within the one session. It’s given me the chance to be totally open sexually with my new partner. The healing and changes I went through are more than just now being able to be sexually open with my partner though, it was also about having a life instead of being locked up inside my home. My life has improved in every way and I can not thank Sir Dominic enough for what he did. I strongly encourage anyone that reads this who needs help in any way, to get in contact with him. He was able to help me the way my psychologists couldn’t – but I desperately wanted.