All the following testimonials are very real.

Some detailed feedback from sessions can also be found on Sir’s blog.

Sandy 32

I don’t remember how I came to find this gem of a human, but I am absolutely grateful. Welcomed without judgement, in person and in writing. Acceptance of ideas, with his added wild suggestions, you learn very quickly that you are in safe hands, but most importantly... FUN hands. Your experience with Sir Dominic will live on long after your meeting. You will leave content, and changed for the better, or wanting and coming back for more. I went back. The second experience comfortably similar to the first, yet perfectly unalike. I went in knowing what to expect but walked away, again, with all expectations shattered nicely. In his safe space, I have been fortunate enough to learn about my needs, new kinks, and interests. I have also discovered depths in myself that still make me giggle as I smile in shock and disbelief at what my body has endured. Simply one of the most intimate and personally groundbreaking experiences I have ever shared with myself. Sir Dominic is the gift worth giving yourself.

Amanda, 21

Sir Dominic made my first true BDSM experience one that I will never forget. I went in absolutely terrified, to the point that I was physically shaking, but Sir managed to easily calm my nerves and reassure me that I was going to have a wonderful experience. He has such a powerful presence that even when he’s smiling and laughing, you still know that he has complete control. As soon as Sir put his hands on me, I melted into him. I went from being terribly apprehensive to being ready to be completely obedient within a fraction of a second.  Sir helped me push through levels of sensation and pleasure that I never thought I could withstand – leaving some gorgeous markings that I’ll never forget the look of. Sir is amazing at what he does. Never in my life did I ever think I could feel so vulnerable, yet safe as I did with him. Sir knew what I needed better than I did. Sir is a brilliant dominant and genuinely kind person. He gave me the perfect first experience and has given me the courage to become more involved in the community. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, as they’d be in incredibly capable hands with Sir Dominic.

Ana, 32

Took me a few years to work up the courage to message Sir Dominic, but I don’t regret it one bit. I was a ball of nerves leading up to and on the day, but he put me at ease with prior calls to chat about what I was looking for as well as what he could provide.

My thoughts were racing, lying on the bed blindfolded while he set up the room – still a combination of nerves and excitement. Just the sounds were enough to make me squirm. And when we started, he put me in such a headspace that my usually active mind shut off, just concentrating on the very moment I was in.

He was right in saying I wouldn’t know what to expect; it was so much more than what I could have imagined. He pushed me hard, and then some. I’m sitting here, writing this and basking in this amazing feeling I’ve been left with – something I can only describe as a combination of bliss and peace. The marks may not last long, but I’m certain the memory of the experience will.

I would say if you’re looking for someone to explore with, or just have a good time with, you couldn’t be in better hands – or ropes.

Kimberly, 35

I float My breathing slows. I feel completely at peace. I feel like I have fallen into myself and the world around me is nothing but a humming stillness. I took the hand of a man I had only just met, and found he knew me better than I knew myself. I was nervous. I hesitated. I was afraid to trust. I was tenderly supported. I gave my all. I was propelled into a bliss that can only be dreamt of. And now I float. My eyes are closed. The air is still. I find myself dreamy, but on my feet. I feel a curved pectoral muscle, sturdy beneath my flushed cheek. The chest vibrates deeply. The sounds are saying it is okay to stay in my bliss. I drape around the strength of his torso. My hands seek the arch of his lower back and I hold on. I am still. I want to stay here forever. I am in the arms of a man who has given to me something I have never felt before. It’s his gift. You don’t know what you need but his talent is that he knows what you need. He moves against you and with you to arrive at a physical, mental, emotional destination rarely obtainable Wanting Sir feels like you want to kiss the sun so badly you would break all the rules to be able to. It feels like you don’t care if the earth disappears beneath your feet and your lips turn blister red. In fact you want that. And to be had, it feels like every ache evaporates and every emptiness loses its shadows. It feels like my body is matched with a force that can move it in ways it has never understood.

Rebecca, 36

Sir Dominic knows how to move you in a way you didn't know you needed. His presence in the room can't be ignored, I can't look away. His tantalising collection of equipment is in itself enough to excite before you even begin, I love exploring all the whips and canes that will leave their marks on my skin when he's done. Every touch deliberate and uncompromising, and at the same time connected to how you're feeling - I always feel safe and secure in his years of experience. He'll take you to your edge, and you'll want to come back for more. Play with Sir Dominic was unforgettable.

Kirsten, 23

With a lot of my BDSM experience only being fantasy, I was extremely nervous prior to my session. Sir Dominic skilfully calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable. He was genuinely excited for our session and I was able to explore my desires in a safe environment with him. He is authentically dominant, but also sensual and erotic in the right amounts. I definitely will not be forgetting our session!  Temple 22 is a very fine establishment, clean and discreet. The staff were friendly and welcoming both prior to me coming in and whenever I spoke to them on the phone. They were happy to answer all of my questions, and the glass of wine before my session was greatly appreciated. I’ll be coming back again!

Natalie, 40

"Sir Dominic is faultless. He has an uncanny ability to read and challenge me - physically and psychologically - that takes me into unexpected territory of both pleasure and pain. He is genuine, perceptive and in the right moments, sensual." - Natalie

Laura, 38

"Are you nervous?" he asks, smiling. "Yes..very" I answer. He offers me water and we speak until He feels Im ready. We start. Sir lifts my dress up, puts His hand straight down my pants and holds me up while I collapse into His arms because with what His fingers are doing inside me, I can't hold myself up. Wow. Hello. "Is this what you came here for?" I can't talk, I just nod. I spend the next half an hour pleasuring Him as He has instructed me to do. When He had enough of my service He went for his toy bag. The first toy is a giant vibrating wand that He places on my clitoris and its so intense, I'm scared what will happen if I let go. He feels and knows it. He tells me to let go, let it out...So I do, and holy hell, I come about 5 times in a row and my body squirms and convulses uncontrollable and the moaning is something from the 5th Element opera. Jeez, who am I?! I'm alive, that's who I am. Sir then takes me to the spanking bench. He had instructed me to put on my thigh high boots for our time together so when He would bend over He would be pleased. 'Hands on the bench, arch your back and spread your legs. I want to see how your boots make your arse look'. Things are about to get real. He produces a rubber flogger. This thing has rubber lashes the length of His arm and it hurts just looking at it. He lines up my arse and down comes the wrath. It stings but I can handle it....I catch a glimpse of his face as He raises the flogger and watch his body as He brings it down. He's over 6 foot tall and using all His strength to flog me with this thing. My body begins to buckle, I'm breathing so deeply to try and navigate my way through the pain. I want to stop but I want to know what I'm made of more so I don't call the safe word. I know He would respect the safe word if I was to call it out. I want to know what I can handle, and at what point I break. Do I need to? No. I want to. He senses that I'm almost at my limit and runs his nails gently along my cheeks. This is the point that I almost break. I want to cry at the gentleness. Its like when you stay strong for the fight but when it comes to the make up, you break down, let the vulnerability in and start to rebuild from there. I start to cry and the tears don't stop. It's what I needed and I didn't know I wanted it. His tenderness at the exact moment I needed it was nothing less than amazing - A pristine moment in time I will never forget. I can't wait to be back in Sydney again to experience Sir again.

Tim & Sophia

We went to see Sir Dominic as Sophia was always curious about being dominated by an authentic dominant man and I was curious to learn how to dominate my partner better. The experience was nothing less than amazing. He knew exactly what to do with Sophia and it was like they had known each other for a long time. His professionalism shone through everything that he did and I didn't feel excluded from the experience at all. It was a perfect mix of demonstration and inclusion. I learned a lot in the 2 hours and it has brought Sophia and I closer together as we now play in a lot more interesting ways together.

Nadia, 37

From the moment Sir Dominic introduces himself he relaxes your nerves and makes you feel like your the only one on the planet but you have known him for years. Your needs are the forefront of his thoughts. Discretion and anonymity are a must for me which Sir reinforced when we met.
As you enter the dungeon and look around, those nerves come back but Sir is there waiting.  Looking at him, his cheeky smile relaxes you and then his touch makes those nerves disappear once again. You feel the trepidation melt away. The trust was instant,  safety and sanity are imperative.
My needs and wants out of the session were certainly explored. I felt myself let go as Sir explored my body and gave me the erotic pain I not only needed but deserved. Don't get me wrong punishment is real, I did disobey Sirs direction. But it was an erotic mix of pleasure and pain, that made me want to disobey him again.
Left hanging from the ceiling unable to move my legs it wasn't over as he moved me to the table. I won't spoil the surprise  but I have never felt my body explode and  convulse like that before. And I hope to feel again.
After many years away from the scene, Sir Dominic brought me back to the inner me and my needs in a short time frame. The right choice was made. Thank you for restraining me and marking my ass like you owned it.

Coaching Testimonials & Feed Back:

Shane, 32

Thank you Dominic for your coaching! As soon as we finished the coaching I felt ready to explore my sex life with more confidence and the clarity you have in sex, relationships and communication has really changed the way I approach these areas in a positive way. You opened my eyes to the depth and intimacy that is possible with BDSM when you have the right frame of mind and orientation and especially how to connect it with tantra. I never thought I could learn how to wield a flogger with such purpose in such a short time and I can't wait to try out my new skills with some willing participants. Worth every cent! Thanks again.

Custom Furniture and Equipment Testimonials & Feed Back:

Martin and sub k, 48 and 39 (Dungeon furniture and floggers)

Thank you, Dominic, for helping me craft my new dungeon space and for the equipment to flesh it out. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the way you communicated your opinion while taking mine into consideration. Your experience with toys and equipment was invaluable in helping me make the best use of the space. This space feels like my own private sanctuary that I feel like I want to spend time in it even when I'm not playing. The attention to detail with the woodwork and the way it accentuates the leather adds the touch of sophistication I was aiming for. My sub and I have never been happier and we've already used the spanking bench and your floggers - I'm glad I went with your suggestion to get the 'Essentials Set'. They work perfectly and feel like a natural extension of my arm, as you said they would! We can't thank you enough.