An excellent and informative article written by Mistress Ava!

For those of you who follow me on social media or have come to see me recently, you’ll know I’ve been working at Temple 22 – Sydney’s finest BDSM establishment – for the past several months. I first began working privately as a Mistress specialising in psychological forms of play, namely erotic humiliation, as well as financial domination. After a year of this I wanted to learn more and expand on what I could offer as a dominatrix, so I began working at Temple 22. I have learned many things here, such as proper and safe discipline techniques, and discovered a love for medical role play and procedures. I have learned and grown so much from this experience and from working with my peers. Sadly though, nothing lasts forever and as of the 8th of February, Temple 22 will be closing its doors.

Temple 22 has not just been a workplace for me.­­ It has been a school where I’ve gained an education and a home where I’ve gained a family. I have loved my time here and while I am excited to move on to other ventures, I am saddened that I, and others who work here or visit as clients, will no longer have this place to come to. I feel that the closure of Temple 22 is going to leave a big hole in Sydney’s BDSM world that may not adequately be replaced for some time. BDSM houses such as Temple 22 provide a service that private practitioners alone cannot offer:

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