Your authentic sexual self – can you be it?

We have heard it before ‘Be your fucking self – everyone else is taken’ but have you actualised this? Especially in regards to your sexual, authentic self?

CAN YOU REALLY BE.. YOUR.. FUCKING… SELF. Can you rise up to the most rewarding challenge ever presented to you?

If there are people around who tempt you with non-existence then blast through that and give them the full glory of exactly who you are. Do not withhold yourself from the world. Do not piss on the gift of your authentic existence. Don’t drown yourself in the fog of other people’s and religious superstitions, and beliefs and culture and all that fucking crap!

Be a spark of brilliance! We’re all born that way – we’re all born self-expressive. We’re all born perfect in our unique imperfections and incredibly comfortable with being incredibly inconvenient to our parents. We’re all perfectly comfortable with inconveniencing others – this is how we’re born, this is how we grow and ultimately develop.

Choose to retain the healthy ability to inconvenience. It might be hard but it’s worth the effort.

Do not kill yourself because other people are dead. Do not follow other people who have destroyed their sense of unique self for the sake of their fears and their desire to conform. Be who you are and if it’s inconvenient to other people – that’s solely their issue.

We are all unique and we all make a valuable contribution and even if you don’t live a life where you actively interacts with the world your contribution to the people in your bubble is enough. Once you accept that it becomes much easier to connect with your selfhood and to feel comfortable being you. There will always be external influences trying to blur the line between who you are and who they want you to be. But if you make the conscious decision to FUCK that shit off

Embrace your selfhood. If it’s been on your mind to have a session with me and it’s what your soul craves – do it… Im waiting on the other side when you finally decide to shed baseless fears and be authentic.