The Self, and overcoming life traps

Do you ever think, “I’m disappointed with myself; I thought I could do that, but I blew it,” “I wish I felt better about myself,” or “I’m so mad at myself; I fall apart at the slightest criticism.” How about, “I’m my own worst enemy; I keep sabotaging myself,” or “I wish I could get myself to do that” (or stop doing that)? or you plagued with anxiety, racing thoughts, and traumatic memories/past experiences? You know that this struggle isn’t necessary, because you also have times when you are pleased with yourself, satisfied with your decisions and actions. Both your failures and successes often result from the beliefs that you have about yourself, what is often called identity or self-concept.

The self is comprised of a lot of different aspects, but the main aspects/belief systems that hold you back from being the person you want to be are considered ‘Life Traps’ or ‘unhealthy patterns of thoughts/emotion and behaviors’. There are 18 known life traps/patterns such as the fear of abandonment, punitiveness (beating yourself up about mistakes), emotional deprivation (Its like a void or a feeling of emptiness -it’s the void of unfulfilled emotional needs) and self-sacrifice (excessive focus on voluntarily meeting the needs of others in daily situations, at the expense of one’s own gratification.. which leads to a sense that one’s own needs are not being adequately met and to the resentment of those who are taken care of). These patterns usually start in childhood and become re-inforced from traumatic & wounding experiences we accumulate throughout life.

If there was a way that you could quickly transform your life & increase your feelings of self worth, and general happiness and ease with life and relationships etc – without having to undergo elaborate psychotherapy, a long-term major personality overhaul, or take anti-depressants – would you want to know how? If so – DM me.

Feedback from a client:
‘Dominic made me whole. he actually gives a fuck about you and your pain, he takes it on himself at great personal cost. he stands beside you all the way til’ the end. A modern day healing warrior. it changed everything for me. My deepest gratitude’

– Seb, 31, Sweden