TRUTH BOMB – Your priorities and your future

Had to be said.

Courage is the Gateway. This is where you start to see life as challenging and exciting instead of overwhelming.” — Dr. David Hawkins

Self-actualised people shift their attitude willingly and act courageously regularly. They look forward without looking in the rear-view mirror. They weren’t born that way. Instead, they proactively chose, over and over, to become who they are.

Wherever you are in your life, it will require a shift in attitude and courage to get to the next ‘level’. They are flexible and powerful.

You can choose to become self-actualised yourself. But one thing is certain. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

You must be bold in your action.

You can’t be frozen to your past.

You have to move forward.

This will take courage.

With each step forward, you’ll have peak experiences. Those brief windows of time where you’re in awe of everything.

You’ll develop a sense of mission and purpose.

You’ll stop overly defining yourself and what you can become and what you can do.Your potential will increasingly expand.

You’ll continuously watch yourself do things beyond what you previously thought was possible.

You’ll watch as your life continues to take on a new form, and as the goals you set are quickly realised.

Healing doesn’t mean the pain never existed or has meaning. It means the damage no longer has control over your life and no longer is a part of your identity. I encourage you to heal into a new identity — one free of the meanings and meanings your past has infused to your current identity.

It’s my sincere belief that your trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility to yourself. When we experience life events that shake our mental and emotional states, it is our responsibility to care enough about ourselves that we begin the healing process. The pain of the past fuels your resistance to healing from it. Rise above it and take back control of your life. I believe that in every single person on earth, including you, has the possibility to develop emotional freedom, heal and move forward in life from an incredibly empowered place.

You will get through your issues because the fire inside you burns brighter than the fire around you. You can go big — whatever that means to you.

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